Depending on your fabric we will either jet steam clean or dry clean the upholstery.  We use a highly technical upholstery cleaning tool along with a patented 2-inch overlap process and residue-free cleaning solution to bring your upholstery back to life.

Our certified upholstery cleaning technicians are experienced with all types of fabrics and are knowledgeable in regard to upholstery manufacturers recommended cleaning methods.

During our upholstery cleaning process we extract all the dirt, sand, grit and grime from the upholstery.  Our hy-dry tool allows us to deep clean even the most delicate fabrics without saturating the upholstered piece.  Using this adjustable high powered tool and a patented two-inch overlap upholstery cleaning process along with a residue-free cleaning solution allows your upholstery to stay looking cleaner longer.  We do the disinfecting and deodorizing of upholstery to kill all the germs, the dustmites and leave a new fresh lemon scent.  We use a color brightener solution to bring all the colors brightly back.  We also defoam the upholstery to remove damaging residues if you’ve used over the counter shampoo type cleaners or dry foam type cleaners in the past.  WE CLEAN CARPET® has also specialized in upholstery cleaning since 1957 and we do have a written guarantee that we do stand behind “We’ll get your upholstery clean to your satisfaction or your job is free”.

Our knowledgeable and certified upholstery and furniture cleaning technicians work with you upon arrival to assure you that all of your special needs are met.  Once our technicians have assessed your needs the process begins.  WE CLEAN CARPET® takes care of everything for you.  There is very little preparation necessary to get ready for your cleaning.  In most cases there is no need to vacuum before we come.  We vacuum as we are cleaning.  It is suggested that you do move any breakables located near the upholstery to be cleaned.

When your upholstery cleaning is finished your technician will give you tips on how to maintain the cleanliness of the upholstery and add you to our growing list of thousands of satisfied customers.

Included in Your Standard Service

  • Residue Free Prespray
  • Standard Deodorizer
  • Hydro Jet Stream Rinse
  • Color Brightener
  • Powerful Extraction
  • Moving Small Furniture
  • Standard Disinfecting
  • Free Hallway or Ottoman

Compare Us To The Competition

When looking for the best upholstery cleaning value you need to compare upholstery cleaners according to their methods of cleaning as well as the cost.  Before you hire upholstery cleaners consider the method used.  The best upholstery cleaners use the best upholstery cleaning method.  Professional steam cleaning is the number one recommended method for upholstery.  We also dry clean upholstery if required by the manufacturer for delicate fabric upholstery cleaning.  We Clean Carpet® has been rated the number one furniture cleaner in the twin cities.   Like Coit upholstery cleaning and Stanley Steemer upholstery cleaners we provide steam and dry clean upholstery cleaning and also do not use shampoo upholstery cleaning.  Unlike our competition, we do not overcharge for our upholstery cleaning services or microfiber upholstery cleaning.  Our special upholstery cleaning process leaves zero residue similar to our competitor ZEROREZ upholstery cleaning but at a far more reasonable price.   Because we do not use upholstery cleaning shampoos our service always ranks high in the upholstery cleaning ratings.   We are rated number one by our customers for upholstery cleaning. Upholstery cleaners including Superior Upholstery Cleaning, Macy’s Upholstery Cleaning, Service Master upholstery cleaning and American Upholstery Cleaning cannot compare to our residential upholstery cleaning in quality or price.

And since 1957 we have been upholstery cleaning professionals and we are considered the area’s best upholstery cleaner value.  We also offer commercial upholstery cleaning and commercial professional steam cleaning at a low price.  Maybe you have seen our upholstery cleaning van in your neighborhood.  Next time you do stop and talk with one of our upholstery cleaners or give us a call we can answer any of your professional steam upholstery cleaning questions.  We specialize in restoring light colored upholstery including microfiber fabrics.  We also offer professional upholstery cleaning and furniture cleaning specializing in microfiber upholstery cleaning.  Our upholstery cleaning prices cannot be matched.  Our specialized methods for upholstery cleaning have been featured in several industry articles for outstanding results on sofa cleaning, couch cleaning and chair cleaning alike.


  1. Vacuum upholstery regularly.  Upholstery will stay looking newer longer if vacuumed on a regular basis, usually about once per week.  This prevents build up of sand and dirt that cause unnecessary wear to the fibers.
  2. Have your upholstery professionally cleaned by WE CLEAN CARPET®when it looks visibly dirty.   Waiting too long between cleanings can allow some spots to become permanent stains as well as allows wear patterns to become visible and hard to remove.
  3. Don’t use over the counter (grocery store) spot and stain removal products on your upholstery.  Most of these products are soapy and will only attract dirt after application.  In addition, the main ingredients in most of these types of products are optical brighteners that only make spots and stains appear less obvious for a short time.  Eventually the stain will reappear.  Instead, at the time of a spill blot up as much as you can and use a small amount of water and continue to blot.  If your upholstery has been stainguard protected by the manufacturer or by our service the spot will be easily removed with a professional steam by WE CLEAN CARPET®.